Since it feels like months since I have blogged here {But if you were following along you were totally catching me over at M.A.D.'s blog the past 10 months, right?} I figured one of my favorite kinds of posts may be in order. 

Total randomness.

...I really enjoy people who can make me laugh. Special place in my heart for them, reserved in the Favorite section.

...I can still walk around my parents house in the complete dark without running into anything. Like a champ. Love that some things never change.

...I only go to a movie about once a year.

...I dressed up as Taylor Swift for Halloween this year. Shocking? No. Slightly embarrassing as to how depressed I was the next day when it was all over? Just a little.

 {I know what you are thinking - and the answer is NO, I do not secretly curl my hair and wear the dress around my house when no one is home...}

...I always set my alarm and put any sort of timer on by an odd number. Getting up in the morning? 6:01am. Microwaving something? 0:27seconds.

...How I wasn't the first one to come up with wine to-go cups truly baffles me.

...I am a bit OCD about my meals. I have had the same breakfast for the past 3 months {no joke} and that isn't anything new: sprouted grain toast with homemade jam, bowl of berries + cup of green tea.

...I make bracelets and paint canvas' secretly. And I lie about where I got them when people ask. "Ohhhh, just some little shop where I lived in Ohio...". Lacking interest and confidence in putting myself out there I suppose.
{Not my painting. But same idea.}

...I am not sure if the amount of empty salt water taffy wrappers that surround me right now would impress you or disgust you.

...I truly believe in this with every inch of fibre that makes me whole.

Have a happy day friends.



Jodi said...

As type "a" as you know I am, I LOVE randomness!
{like random visits at 8:23 in the am where I can express my desire to have my kids have a truly meaningful Christmas experience.} I think we need more random visits neighbor! Glad to see your blog on my newsfeed again sista! xx

Madison said...

I totally have to set alarm clocks and timers to odd times too. and 6:45 isn't an odd time to me because its too normal.

Carolyne Dallaire said...

Haha! Interesting.. I would love to see some of your work! ;)

Dawn said...

Good to see you back here! I catch you on M.A.D. but to me this is "Nik's"!

Dawn said...

I'm happy to see you back here! Yes, I follow you on M.A.D. but to me this is "Nik's" blog~